Joshua Oyewole | A Frontend Developer

Some of my recent work


Eatery Management System

EM Management System

EM Management System project focuses mainly on dealing with Eatery businessess, such as ordering of meals, real time transaction notifications, End of day transaction and employees management...

  1. React js
  2. Sass
  3. NodeJs
  4. MongoDB
  5. ExpressJs
  6. Netlify
Todo App


e-Manage is a task management application designed to help users plan and schedule their day to day activities without stress. e-Manage slick design makes it comfortable for users to easily manage their tasks.

  1. React js
  2. TailwindCSS
  3. Firebase
  4. Netlify
Project 1

LendSqr Admin Dashboard

The interactive admin dashboard was created to help Lendsqr Admins to effectively manage users account. Ranging from activating a user account, blacklisting a user, and also filter through lists of users giving way for a well presented datas of each user.

  1. React js
  2. Sass
  3. Cloudinary
  4. Netlify